Friday, May 8, 2009

The Worries Enhanced By Today's Economy

I am finding that with the economy people are shying away from fixing up their homes and business'. As a General Contractor, I have to stress that now is the time. So many General Contractors have switched from "New Home Construction" to "Remodel Construction." The housing market dropped and these contractors cannot sell what they have built. Therefore, they are all moving into the remodel field. Contractors are very competitive because of this sudden overflow into residential construction. However, please do not be fooled. New Home construction and Remodel construction are very different. If you are dealing with a contractor that spent the last 10 years building new homes, chances are, he will not be knowledgeable in remodel construction. Remodel construction is very precise work, no room for a mess or untidy working area's. Considering the client is already living in the residence, the working environment has to be kept neat and clean at all times. When remodeling, it is a Contractors nightmare to have anything go wrong or not be perfect. We know the client is going to check our work daily. In new construction there is no one to check the precision of the work being completed. Check your contractors history. If you are looking for remodel work, find a residential contractor, it will pay off in the end. Putting money into your home during this struggle we are facing with the economy is a no lose situation. The housing market will come back, so your house enhancements will pay off. Not to mention the percentages for General Contracting has dropped. If your looking for a deal, do it now. Once the housing markets come back the Contracting rates will rise. Take advantage of what you can in this economy.

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