Monday, May 18, 2009

Check List for Remodeling your Home

Many homeowners have come to know that remodeling the home is an affordable and cheaper option than to buy a new home. With the cost of a new houses going up day by day, remodeling is considered to be the best option of getting a new look and feel from one's old house. Homeowners in Florida have changed, and instead of thinking bigger they're choosing to be smarter. Through renovating, their motivation is not only to update the look and feel of the home, but also to improve the comfort and utility of their space to meet the changing needs of their lifestyle.

Some thoughts when remodeling in Florida are to have an airy, well ventilated house with not so many extra walls. Many older houses in Florida are not able to handle the hot sun of summers. Houses need to be energy-efficient in its construction. Older homes truly need to be remodeled in order to gain this maximum comfort within their home. Don't forget, remodeling also raises the value of your home. So keep in mind, with remodeling an older home you are gaining comfort, lowering utility bills, and raising the value of your home all at the same time.

  • Many factors go into remodeling such as:

  • Be familiar with current housing prices in your neighborhood.

  • Using a home equity loan or line of credit for remodeling is a popular way of making good use of the equity you have built up in your home.

  • Safety and Security - do a checkup of your house.

  • For tax purposes, keep a record of all improvements done to your home.

  • Have annual inspections for wood destroying insects.

  • Schedule house maintenance on a regular basis (Kennedy's Quality Homes, Inc. specializes in general maintenance)

  • Keep a record of the names and numbers of your sources with having repairs done, in order to remain organized.

  • Remember that the end result of every construction project is transformation - you will be claiming a new view, a new layout, a new environment - every remodel project results in a new space.

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